Total Maintenance Solutions, Inc. provides the only 630 rotary vane vacuum pump that is 100% made in the USA.  TMS’s 630 comes standard with a 12 month OEM warranty and provides CFM 490 with 25 HP.  Call 309-756-0955 for availability and pricing.

TMSRV 630 Made in USA
TMS 630 Rotating Vane Vacuum Pump – Made in USA

Total Maintenance Solutions, Inc. is a full line rotary vane vacuum pump repair facility. TMS reconditions all brands of pumps, including but not limited to, Busch, Kinney, Leybold, Rietschle, Beach Russ, Tuthill, etc…

630 Double Stack w Accessories

Rotary Vane Pump Solutions

REPAIR– Disassembly, evaluation, and quote. Proceed with repair only upon customer approval. Our standard repair includes the following parts and labor on rotary vane pumps.

  • Bearings, Seals, and Sleeves.
  • Gaskets and O’rings.
  • Carbon Fiber Vanes.
  • Exhaust filters, Oil Filters, and Oil.
  • Assembly, Bench Test, and Paint.
  • Up to Two-Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

MACHINING– TMS has a full line machine shop to bore cylinders, repair rotor shafts, and mill end plates if needed. This service is an addition to the standard repair cost, along with any missing or damaged parts needed to bring the unit back to maufacturer specifications.

EXCHANGE PROGRAM– TMS has a rotating stock of R5 Busch vane pumps and Busch Panda Boosters, along with other brands of pumps and boosters available for exchange.  TMS will bring you a pump, bring your downed unit back to our service center, disassemble, evaluate, and quote the price to bring your unit back to manufacturer specs with a one year warranty.
When you approve the repair, you keep the pump we brought you and we keep yours. The transaction is then complete, saving you valuable time and labor. Our stock is always rotating so call or email for availability.

ON-SITE PUMP EVALUATION PROGRAM– During non-production hours, TMS will perform a blank-off, Micron/Torr gauge vacuum test, system wide.  You are provided a detailed report of all recorded temperatures in critical areas of each pump, as well as the audio, visual, and safety inspections of all your pumps and boosters.

TMSRL765 Horizontal Liquid Separator Double Stack
TMSRL765 Horizontal Liquid Separator Double Stack